Marching the Ring

By M M Lee
Set on a candle-lit protest march against intolerance around Vienna's Ringstrasse, Marching the Ring tells the story of the tension between Richard and Anne Kearns and is contrasted with their love for each other in their long, and now faltering, marriage. At different stages during the march their life together is revealed as - in turn - they recall meeting as students, their married life, parenthood and professional careers (Anne as a novelist, Richard as a time-management consultant). Then while they are in Vienna the revelation of incidents in their past that neither had been aware of leads to a storm of outrage, mutual intolerance and threatens the collapse of their marriage. The march must lead to the resolution of their problems, or the end of their marriage.
ISBN: 9781907986178
Type: Paperback
Pages: 206
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.65

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