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In a varied career, M M Lee has worked for the UN in Geneva (in the fields of human rights, disaster relief, the right of the child) and Vienna (in the Centre for Social Development). She has also worked as a public-relations consultant for the shipping industry in Papua New Guinea. She lived for many years in France, where she wrote 12 novels. She now lives in West Sussex.

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The novel begins with the creation of a watch in a small workshop in Geneva. During the course of a year the watch appears in many European cities - as well as crossing the Atlantic – when it is bought, sold, lost or found many times and stolen twice (onc....
ISBN: 9781908895349
Published: 27 January 2012
Nina Osborne's life changes with the appearance at her garden gate of a stranger, Mark Franklin, twenty years younger and an academic on vacation in England from an American college. Her confusion about him is not only influenced by the age difference but....
ISBN: 9781784074111
Published: 18 February 2014
Judith MacLean is a woman who believes she is quiet and controlled. That she is also deeply passionate is slowly made clear as she recounts her life, and her views about other people and herself. She begins with her friendships at boarding school where an....
ISBN: 9781781769034
Published: 9 November 2012
Kingfisher Days tells the story of how at the start of the new millennium, Mr Fisher - resistant to change and captive to his past – discovers that life itself can offer new beginnings. To his surprise, he finds joy and sometimes heartache in unexpected p....
ISBN: 9781786106506
Published: 15 January 2016
Set on a candle-lit protest march against intolerance around Vienna's Ringstrasse, Marching the Ring tells the story of the tension between Richard and Anne Kearns and is contrasted with their love for each other in their long, and now faltering, marriage....
ISBN: 9781907986178
Published: 1 November 2011
This novel covers a period of eight days in the autumn of 1997, and reveals the devastating impact two guests have on the staff and other guests in Pengarrick Manor, a manor-house hotel in Cornwall. Unexpected events lead to grief, loss and finally - hope....
ISBN: 9781786978134
Published: 17 May 2017
This trio of light-hearted mystery tales features Ru Baxendale, a former editor at the United Nations now living in a cottage in southern England. Her neighbour and friend, Tomkins Butte, owner of the insurance firm Butte & Bellows, seeks her assistance i....
ISBN: 9781785104121
Published: 16 December 2014