The Ru Baxendale Mysteries

By M M Lee
This trio of light-hearted mystery tales features Ru Baxendale, a former editor at the United Nations now living in a cottage in southern England. Her neighbour and friend, Tomkins Butte, owner of the insurance firm Butte & Bellows, seeks her assistance in investigating several odd or dubious insurance claims. The reader is warned: if seeking a tension-inducing read with lots of bodies, blood and violence – look elsewhere! If looking for a satisfying mystery without the risk of heart failure – read on! Mystery at Mickle-Drowsy (wc 48) Tomkins asks Ru to help solve the mystery of how and why Richard the Third is involved in a modern-day crime. The theft of a book in the library of Mickle-Drowsy leads to uproar and national media coverage. Will Ru discover the culprit and reason for the theft?
ISBN: 9781785104121
Type: Paperback
Pages: 487
Published: 16 December 2014
Price: $16.11

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