Murder by Injection

Privatising parts of the NHS, has recently been implemented. Nurses despite the many changes and having to work under very stressesful conditions,continue to deliver the highest standard of care. Colleagues are shocked when one of the District Nurses has been accussed of overdosing her patient in her own home. Heather Foster denies making a drug error. The police have not arrested her, because a neighbour has come forward with new information. She had observed another nurse entering the premises after Heather's departure. A prolonged interview at the police station, convinced Heather she had been branded a suspect. The race is on to clear her name with the help of Justine Hunter a private investigator. During her search for the other nurse, the PI is drugged and kept in a cellar of a house marked for demolition the next day.Will she escape in time and find the killer of Marjorie Gregory?
ISBN: 9781781760659
Type: Paperback
Pages: 450
Published: 5 March 2012
Price: $14.45

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