Murder in a village

The elderly population of a peaceful village on the outskirts of a well - known town are shocked and frightened when they discover one of their residents has been murdered allegedly by a District Nurse. Why would a member of a respected profession kill an old, penniless patient? The police are on the verge of arresting their suspect, Heather Foster, the nurse who visited Marjorie Gregory that morning. The only reason the police have not arrested her is a statement made by a witness who saw two nurses leaving the cottage. Desperate to prove her innocence, Heather engages a P.I. During her search Justine Hunter is drugged and locked in a cellar of a house designated for demolition. Time is against her. Does Justine become the next victim of the Woodland Village killer. Can she be found in time and escape being buried under the rubble?
ISBN: 9781785106026
Type: Paperback
Pages: 448
Published: 9 March 2015
Price: $14.45

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