The Forlorn Son

Reginald Harding and his pregnant wife Charlotte lived in the British Embassy in the Lima, the capital of Peru. After the delivery of triplets by c-section, Charlotte suffered a minor stroke and was unable to hold the newborns in her arms. Reginald was told that the smallest of the babies, was starved of oxygen and could be brain damaged. The stigma of having fathered a simpleton, made Reginald decide to hand his son over to a childless couple, on the day the triplets were allowed home. Thirty five years later as a result of a number of surreal coincidences, the abandoned son was reunited with his widowed mother . On a freezing day in January, Charlotte wandered around in only a skirt and sweater. When she collapsed outside a bookstore, a bystander called an ambulance. On arrival in A&E, Kimberley Hancock the doctor in attendance, heard her whisper. "My son tried to kill me." Kimberley meets and falls in love with one of Charlotte's sons. When she discovered that Daniel had lied about an alleged alibi on the day his mother died, she risked her life and career obtaining illegally evidence, to proof he was the son who killed her.
ISBN: 9781786103642
Type: Paperback
Pages: 324
Published: 30 November 2015
Price: $12.95

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