Unlock the truth

Justine Hunter PI visits a grieving, wheelchair bound widow. Refusing to accept the Coroner’s verdict of death by misadventure, she persuades Justine to proof; her husband did not commit suicide. Despite her scepticism Justine agrees taking on the case. A Chub key belonging to an unknown property and a list of friends and colleagues are handed to her by the housekeeper. Receiving hostile receptions from two persons of interest, Brian Winter the ex partner and Harriet Brown the mother of his illegitimate son, she delfts deeper into their history. The reason for Brian’s hatred, she discovers is, he provided an alibi for Robert when Rosemary’s father died under suspicious circumstances. The search for the flat becomes an impossible undertaking. The people she phones regarding the mystery property either hang up or dismiss her. Justine’s husband a banker in the meantime disappears. Convinced he is having an affair with his secretary she turns to an old flame, DC Dennis Price. Unknown to her, Peter has been kidnapped and kept drugged on a boat. They plotted a devilish plan and staged a hit - and - run accident in Germany with him at the wheel. On the cusp of abandoning the case, she unravels the intricate spun web of lies.
ISBN: 9781782999805
Type: Paperback
Pages: 449
Published: 23 September 2013
Price: $14.45

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