Oh! Betsan, Theres Lovely You Are

Betsan and Idris are a couple of honest villains in a seaside town. By nurturing passion and humour, and with a touch of luck, they make good--their charm obscuring their misdemeanours. They loved life, and it was with youthful innocence they danced to the peripheral tunes of dishonest villains. It is a tale of aspirations nourished by dodgy diversions. Loveable rogues they were--and probably still are! One cannot fail to love Betsan and Idris who gave to life a Celtic charm. They were the pair who courted at the stage door, and occasionally entertained there. They watched the tides turning and the horizon beckoning and the moon coming temptingly close--like the changing of theatrical scenery. You have to smile ...
ISBN: 9781839452741
Type: Paperback
Pages: 54
Published: 10 April 2020
Price: $6.49

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