The Bridge

Mutual affection is the heartbeat of these short stories whose characters are diverse, visionary and without vanity. Each has their own regard for the lighter and darker shades of affection, and their own bridge to cross. In many guises they seek a supremacy that is as fragile as it is sacrificial - and beneath which lurk a dangerous disregard for disappointment. "Chandrakant reached forward and placed gently the palms of his hands in turn on the foreheads of the daughters of Matsendra Nagaswamy. ‘I am visited by many in search of Shiva’s wisdom. I say to those who desire absolute contentment that the shortest and swiftest route to it takes all ones life. Those that understand leave disappointed, and those who do not understand go happily away.' "
ISBN: 9781784072063
Type: Paperback
Pages: 120
Published: 4 December 2013
Price: $10.25

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