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Al is a young entrepreneur. At the age of ten he sees a profit in following Big Martha's horse and cart while she delivers coal. He collects the manure droppings and sells it on to the gentry for their potato crop. The story is set during the first half o....
ISBN: 9781839455551
Published: 11 November 2020
Opening this collection of stories is Namesake, described in The New Writer as "the perfect carriage for the swirl of fun, surprise and wickedly witty allegory, which makes this a genuine joy to read. Absolutely superb"—Phil Whitaker. The ten other storie....
ISBN: 9781908603692
Published: 31 October 2011
Betsan and Idris are a couple of honest villains in a seaside town. By nurturing passion and humour, and with a touch of luck, they make good--their charm obscuring their misdemeanours. They loved life, and it was with youthful innocence they danced to th....
ISBN: 9781839452741
Published: 10 April 2020
Mutual affection is the heartbeat of these short stories whose characters are diverse, visionary and without vanity. Each has their own regard for the lighter and darker shades of affection, and their own bridge to cross. In many guises they seek a suprem....
ISBN: 9781784072063
Published: 4 December 2013
A sensitive tale of a young man who has difficulty reading and writing, and lives a single, rural life in a caravan. His mind has instinctively given credence to an ability to communicate with his dead mother, not many years departed. He forms a spiritual....
ISBN: 9781803029917
Published: 12 December 2023
This is a story of deep friendship fostered on exclusion. It is powerful in sensitivity and tenderness. In 1938 Aneurin, an abandoned baby, was set adrift in a small curach that was washed up with the tide in Cardigan Bay. His adoptive parents live in a W....
ISBN: 9781849235006
Published: 1 November 2011