One Dead Head

George Carmichael, Headteacher of a Derbyshire Primary School, is found naked, bound, mutilated and very dead in his office one July Monday morning. The sign around his neck describes him as a ‘Sexual Predator’. This is a shock for almost everyone - Carmichael had been widely regarded as a successful and caring young headteacher. But DCI Day’s investigation uncovers details of Carmichael’s enormous sexual appetite – for any attractive adult female. Day interviews Carmichael’s wife, ex-wife, the affair, the Chair of Governors, teachers and several other women - only to conclude that all are suspects. Could this even be a revenge conspiracy carefully planned by a large group of women? Day has his doubts; he still has to be convinced it was a premeditated murder. As the detectives get closer to the truth, the chief suspects begin to disappear; is some ruthless ringleader removing the weak links? The case becomes more complicated when a violent criminal recently released from prison is suspected of involvement. As a young constable, Day had given the man a severe beating during an arrest for attempted murder. At his trial, the thug swore he would take his revenge. As he gets closer to the truth, Day uncovers suppressed violence and complex relationships that embroil him in the chaos. He must decide whether to keep his integrity as a police officer or become a vigilante. Either way, his unusual skills will be tested to the limit.
ISBN: 9781839450204
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 7 October 2019
Price: $12.95

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