In the final part of the Trebian Trilogy… Eighty Earth years have passed and the human survivors within the Lake District Enclosure now number in their thousands – but there are all sorts of divisions. Civil war threatens! The ‘Martians’ dress like Spartans and fight like Romans – but they have a Tiger tank! Images, noises and odours created by their violent behaviour are disturbing their neighbours. The luxury-loving Trebians on the other side of the Great Wall don’t like to be disturbed - and all human factions are facing drastic retaliation. Si Trool could calm the situation in the blink of a violet eye – but she is nowhere to be found. She is scouring the Universe looking for an evil force known as ‘Mindeater’. Yes, there is a fate worse than death. But, while our super-mindminder heroine’s back is turned, she is unaware that more groups of potentially dangerous enemies are emerging. Humans and Trebians are likely to be overwhelmed by hordes of free-thinking automatons - who only want to help! “A deliciously comic sci-fi novel; funny, dark and thought-provoking!” THE TREBIAN TRILOGY: Trool’s Rules; Cruel Trool? and now Trool’s Fools - See all the FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon!
ISBN: 9781788760355
Type: Paperback
Pages: 380
Published: 11 October 2017
Price: $12.95

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