Two Dead Heroes

Three Royal Marines, recently decorated for bravery in Afghanistan, come to Chesterfield to propose to their girlfriends. Within hours of arrival in their home town, two are brutally murdered. Terrorism is suspected and the town is overrun by reporters, Military Police and the Anti-Terror Squad. Local detective, DCI Derek Day isn’t convinced Islamic extremists are involved and sets up a separate investigation - but finding a motive proves to be a challenge. While the outside authorities focus their attention on the third Marine, a devout young Muslim from an influential family, Day uncovers a link between one of the victims and a secretive group of rich men who ride vintage motorcycles – and have a very strange attitude to women. Attempting to build bridges between the antagonised local Muslim community and unsympathetic national police agencies during the investigation stretches Day’s patience - but it’s cunning manipulation by an unscrupulous millionaire that pushes him beyond his breaking point. The normally placid detective resorts to methods that are bound to attract the disapproving attention of the straightlaced new Chief Constable. As fists and bullets begin to fly, DCI Day will soon discover which of his colleagues really trust his judgement.
ISBN: 9781839455735
Type: Paperback
Pages: 256
Published: 20 November 2020
Price: $12.95

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