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George Carmichael, Headteacher of a Derbyshire Primary School, is found naked, bound, mutilated and very dead in his office one July Monday morning. The sign around his neck describes him as a ‘Sexual Predator’. This is a shock for almost everyone - Carmi....
ISBN: 9781839450204
Published: 7 October 2019
In the final part of the Trebian Trilogy…Eighty Earth years have passed and the human survivors within the Lake District Enclosure now number in their thousands – but there are all sorts of divisions. Civil war threatens! The ‘Martians’ dress like Spartan....
ISBN: 9781788760355
Published: 11 October 2017
The super-clever Trebians need Planet Earth. Si Trool, a brilliant young Mindminder arrives with orders to convince the human race to self-destruct. Armageddon begins, but Si is a hedonist and, despite her contempt for human behaviour, beams down to seduc....
ISBN: 9781785105197
Published: 9 February 2015