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George Carmichael, Headteacher of a Derbyshire Primary School, is found naked, bound, mutilated and very dead in his office one July Monday morning. The sign around his neck describes him as a ‘Sexual Predator’. This is a shock for almost everyone - Carmi....
ISBN: 9781839450204
Published: 7 October 2019
In the third DCI Day story, three mysteries blight the delightful Derbyshire town of Bakewell. It’s ‘Farmer’s Market’ on a sunny July Saturday and the town centre is packed with tourists.Within the space of a few minutes, one tourist is brutally mugged an....
ISBN: 9781803023366
Published: 24 January 2022
In the final part of the Trebian Trilogy…Eighty Earth years have passed and the human survivors within the Lake District Enclosure now number in their thousands – but there are all sorts of divisions. Civil war threatens! The ‘Martians’ dress like Spartan....
ISBN: 9781788760355
Published: 11 October 2017
The super-clever Trebians need Planet Earth. Si Trool, a brilliant young Mindminder arrives with orders to convince the human race to self-destruct. Armageddon begins, but Si is a hedonist and, despite her contempt for human behaviour, beams down to seduc....
ISBN: 9781785105197
Published: 9 February 2015
Three Royal Marines, recently decorated for bravery in Afghanistan, come to Chesterfield to propose to their girlfriends. Within hours of arrival in their home town, two are brutally murdered. Terrorism is suspected and the town is overrun by reporters, M....
ISBN: 9781839455735
Published: 20 November 2020