Only Acting

Steven Drew is a London copper with a reputation as a ladies man. He sees no reason for that to change when he’s appointed Brookminster’s Acting Chief Constable, a temporary post until the election of its first Police Commissioner. Drew believes he could well be appointed permanently as Chief Constable, if he succeeds in his secret mission. Unfortunately, that mission may be known to others. Local Detective Inspector Mike Ireland meets Drew on arrival at Brookminster and Drew insults him. He and Ireland have ‘history’ from twenty-five years ago and it’s pay-back time, as far as the new Chief Constable’s concerned. On the day he takes charge, Drew suspends Ireland from duty and finds himself hated by everyone. Women won’t speak to him, much less join him for a drink or share his bed. When Ireland’s sergeant, Jacob James – known locally as The Choirboy – is kidnapped, Brookminster’s entire population wants Drew’s blood. Will they get it, or will Drew help find James and earn a reprieve..?
ISBN: 9781782992622
Type: Paperback
Pages: 252
Published: 25 March 2013
Price: $12.95

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