'Showcase' is Gill Redman's second anthology of writing. You'll find poems, short stories, articles and even a short quiz in this book - but there's also a surprise. In 2011 Gill wrote a play, her first foray into drama. You might think a Nativity Play is hardly a new venture, because the story it tells has been with us for over two thousand years; maybe the scenes included here will shine new light on what is, for many of us, a familiar subject. Gill's first anthology, 'Short Stuff', was dedicated to her husband Brian, who died from cancer in 2005. 'Showcase' is dedicated to the people mentioned within its pages, to those who've inspired her to put pen to paper. In this book you'll find friends who join her on journeys far and near, friends from her home village and people from the past whose names and lives mean such a lot to her. You'll find plenty in 'Showcase' to amuse, instruct and surprise you
ISBN: 9781908603968
Type: Paperback
Pages: 74
Published: 11 November 2011
Price: $6.49

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