Short Stuff

This anthology is dedicated to the memory of Gill Redman's late husband Brian, who died in 2005. Brian was always disparaging about Gill's literary talents and intentions when addressing her, though proud when discussing her successes with others! This book contains some of Gill's short literary pieces, including poems ranging from the sad 'No More Corned Beef' to travelogues, 'Happy Landings', and from complaints, 'Note to the Electric Board' to personal problems, 'On Being Unwell'. The short stories cover subjects as diverse as myths of the Norse gods, 'Disturbing Loki' and modern day crime fighting, in 'The Choirboy', while the articles include travel writing, 'New Year's Day Touring the Austrian Lakes', personal matters such as 'The Youngest Guinea Pig' and historical subjects like 'The Bloody Assizes'. Interspersed with all the above are experimental works, such as 'Emfur' and 'A Likely Tail'. Gill introduces each new piece of work in her own inimitable way, with humour and enthusiasm. For those who enjoy her writing, this anthology will be a worthy addition to her published novels.
ISBN: 9781907986680
Type: Paperback
Pages: 60
Published: 1 October 2012
Price: $6.49

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