The Book of Stupid

To err is human, or so we are told. The Book of Stupid shows how throughout history mankind has managed to prove its humanity in absolute droves. Around the globe the amount of erring has increased exponentially and in direct proportion to growth in population. This is no coincidence. Over a thousand examples covering more than three thousand years of human evolution and the closer to the modern era we get, the more examples of stupid we find. Wars, drink, sex, transport, diet, DIY, religion, sport, science, money, language, the environment, the law, medicine, animals, plants and many other areas have made Homo sapiens look anything but 'wise man'. Page after page pf stupid unfold and it will soon become apparent, as error after proverbial cock up from recorded history unfolds, that perhaps the planet has been erroneously named and should have the spelling changed to Err-th. Quite frankly, some of the stupid moments beggar belief and yet, without them, this book would not exist, and I would not have had hours of fun and many laughs in writing it. I hope you have as much fun in reading it.
ISBN: 9781839459702
Type: Paperback
Pages: 252
Published: 20 May 2021
Price: $14.00

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