Turnbull Canyon

Bobby Cordoba is a bright and curious fifteen-year-old with a passion for solving mysteries. The younger son of two police officers, Bobby lives on Turnbull Canyon Road, in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The canyon is a popular hangout for hikers, mountain bikers and road racers; but on the darker side, these chaparral-covered hills hide untold secrets of ghosts, murders, kidnappings and occult activity. In the summer of 1985, Bobby becomes fascinated by the disappearances of two young gardeners from rich households in the area. He can’t resist carrying out his own investigations, especially when he realizes that some of his school mates know more than they’re letting on. To gain access to the information he seeks, Bobby must undergo a spine-chilling initiation to become a member of a gang of Hispanic teens known as the ‘Haciendos’ - the location is a forbidden area known as 'Hell's Gates'. The old sign on the premises reads, "Your safety can not be guaranteed". This is no time to be a coward. But there is something beyond those gates that Bobby must discover to save his friends – and the whole city for that matter.
ISBN: 9781786971784
Type: Paperback
Pages: 282
Published: 19 July 2016
Price: $12.95

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