A Child of Time

John wakes. He is in the same room he has slept in all his life, but something is wrong. His wife isn’t next to him, the wallpaper is different, he’s in a single bed, not the more comfortable King size he usually shares with his wife. Downstairs he discovers his mother busy making breakfast, in a kitchen devoid of the modern features he and Julie had introduced. On a wall is a picture of a young woman in a wedding dress. A quiet, tranquil morning of family life in every corner of the country, only his mother and sister Ann are dead. His mother died 4 years ago from cancer, his sister, two years earlier in a horrific boating accident. Is he insane, or still drunk from the night before. Is he hallucinating, did someone slip something into his drink? What he is seeing is impossible. His mind can’t comprehend what is happening, his nerves are on edge, every fibre of his being wants to scream. Nothing makes sense, he needs answers; he needs to find his wife, but is he still married? He met Julie on the day Ann had died, if Ann is alive, did he meet Julie? What follows is a tale of intrigue, betrayal and subterfuge as John discovers everything in the world has changed. Just when he comes to terms with his new life, crazy starts all over again, this time by David, a time traveller who makes bizarre demands of Julie and himself. He meets Emily, a child of time, his child of time, who tells him he must stop David, or his meddling in time will destroy the space time fabric of the surrounding universe. Will he do it, how can he do it? He has six months to find out.
ISBN: 9781788764087
Type: Paperback
Pages: 164
Published: 29 June 2018
Price: $11.95

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