Newth II (A Time of Change)

Henry Carter is a loner by nature; endowed with strange powers he keeps himself to himself, that is until he meets Gemma, rescuing her from the hands of a rapist. Little does he realise that within him is the ability to become the most powerful being in the Galaxy. Abducted they are taken to an alien planet, his powers helping gain control of a spacecraft, and thus start a war with a race that hunts humans for food. He is helped by Wolf, a 450 year old human, his wife Jo, her sister Mary and brother in law Donald. None of them realise their Pathosian blood line or that Henry is Mary’s great, great grandson, all of them watched over by Alec and Orna, their Grandfather nineteen times removed. Slowly Henry’s powers become stronger, but will he become strong enough to defeat the Inhanth (Hunki,) and save mankind from annihilation before tackling the Hive mind of the Huricanas to save the Galaxy.
ISBN: 9781788763783
Type: Paperback
Pages: 332
Published: 30 May 2018
Price: $12.95

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