A Harlem Halqa: My American Imam Story – (God) Betrayed!

This book is my memoir statement to the world regarding my times as an American Imam over the span of three decades. It sheds light on the seemingly mysterious Muslim Faith for non-Muslim inquirers seeking to understand the Muslim religion in America. In the world we live in today, Islam is center-stage when it comes to such things as terrorism. This memoir will help Americans understand the difference between American Muslims and Foreign Muslims. Knowing this difference will help bridge the gap in the lack of understanding between us American Muslims and our fellow neighbors and countrymen. The memoir addresses much more than this as it ‘unveils’ American Muslim Culture via the careful astute lens of a dedicated American Imam. It chronicles my whacky suspense-filled journey through Muslim Ministry. It is full of anecdotal accounts that stir a range of important emotions inside the reader. You will surely cry, laugh, and sigh in disbelief at some of the juicier accounts that it contains. I left no emotion untouched and I completely lowered the water-line on Muslim Ministry in America for all to behold. This will undoubtedly anger the power-structure, but I consider this work to be my final act of service to a dying American Faith Community. The people of America deserve to know who we are as American Muslims. In these days of radical interpretations of Islam abroad, our countrymen deserve to hear from us here on the ground with them. What are our opinions about America as Muslim Americans? How are our neighbors to differentiate us from what they see reflected for them on the news regularly? What goes on inside the closed mosque-communities of America? Is there anything to fear going on inside American Mosques? In the memoir, I hit upon many of these themes and more. The memoir seeks to champion the cause of the forgotten inside our American Mosques: The women and the youth. It addresses the current challenges Muslim American Women face at their mosques. It addresses the hypocrisy of the Muslim Culture that troubles today’s Muslim Youth. This memoir unveils Islam in America via the voice of an American Imam himself with full and direct knowledge regarding the pressing issues before us all. It is penned with two goals in mind: 1) Advocacy for the voiceless and 2) Interfaith. I sincerely hope that the ideas that I have shared provoke change where change is required from our American Mosques. Also, I hope that this memoir provokes understanding between the American Muslim Community and all other American Communities. If you’re in for a roller coaster ride of a story, and yearn to understand more about American Muslims, or are a Muslim Woman who feels like the ‘cultural’ walls of Islam are caving down upon you, or a young Muslim being chased out of Islam by harmful cultural examples at the mosque and even in your homes; read this book in good health. And may the Good Lord upon High ﷻ Bless you all, and may He Bless the United States of America! Ibrahim Rahim
ISBN: 9781788762137
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 524
Published: 25 January 2018
Price: $24.95

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