Elucidated Beginner Arabic: The Book of Beginner Verbs

This text is a follow-up to "Elucidated Beginner Arabic (EBA)." EBA discussed the basic grammar of the Arabic Language with a focus upon Nouns. This text continues the conversation by focusing upon Verbs. The eloquence of the Arabic Language is highly reflected in its verbs. A firm grasp of Arabic requires certain foundation(al) knowledge of Arabic verbs for effective written and verbal communications. The uniqueness of this text and its predecessor is in its simplified approach in bridging the technical gaps between theory and practice. Where grammar is introduced and explained. Technical exercises are provided to demonstrate core concepts. The hallmark of both texts is the (desinential inflection diagrams) that "DRAW" the grammar concepts in pictures on charts for added unique clarity. In these moments, I present Arabic as set of mathematical-like formula drawn on charts to demonstrate the grammar. In the end, students will be able to explain grammar rules and demonstrate them on graphs competently fluidly and with high fluency. This is how the grammar was taught to me by the Native Speakers who taught it to me at the University of Medina, Saudi Arabia in the 1980's. This approach is time-tested and Native to Arab Culture and mirrored to meet the original technical academic standards of teaching and learning the Arabic Language. Enjoy!
ISBN: 9781839450365
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 382
Published: 18 October 2019
Price: $39.95

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