Elucidated Beginner Arabic

That is the partial goal of this book. I seek to share the language with seekers of its beauty for a host of reasons to include: religion, secular, business, academic, cultural and many others. My decade of study in Saudi Arabia during the 1980’s was amazing. I recall those times with a sense of deep fondness for the religion and of the Saudi people which I THANK, for the knowledge I studied, for the food I ate, the television I watched, the soccer games I watched and played, although not too successfully, and the legions of Saudis I came to know and hold as my dear life-friends. Lastly, this project is for my people. I am American and my story is amazing. In part, it is amazing because of the influence of the Arabic Language upon my life. A life that began in New York, that raised me in Harlem, and showed me the Holy Prophet’s City of Al-Medina where my academic foundation took root. And because I love my people, I did something courageous and daring. With zero experience, and by myself, to fill a needed void for my people, with no background or experience in writing books; I wrote a technical text for them. Accordingly, Al-Ee Dhaah’: A Unique Approach toward Learning and Teaching Classical Arabic was birthed to the world on September 23, 1992. And now it has finally been revised as a 2nd special edition 27 years later. I sincerely hope this introductory text serves as a good starting point for you in your Arabic language endeavor however it may shape out. God’s speed SWT. Shaykh Ibrahim A. Rahim, Medina University, 1989, July 17, 2019
ISBN: 9781788769778
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 260
Published: 20 August 2019
Price: $35.00

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