Ya Sin Reader Text Book: Intermediate Arabic Grammar Based upon Surah Yasin.

Ya Sin Reader is an intermediate Arabic Grammar Text. The goal of this text is to impart intermediate topics of grammar analysis to the learner. The topics selected are derived from the 36th Chapter of the Holy Quran: Surah Yasin. What is unique about this text is its illustration of Arabic Grammar via diagramming. Diagramming the grammar serves as a means of joining the theoretical rules of grammar with sentence placement. as such, students learn to 'solve' an Arabic sentence the same as they would be expected to 'solve' a math problem. This also creates a more personalized understanding of the grammar theory by means of application and demonstration of said rules. This text presents Arabic Grammar as a 'game' of fact-finding and problem solving with a goal of heightened proficiency for the practitioner. Imam Ibrahim
ISBN: 9781785107559
Type: Paperback
Pages: 291
Published: 7 May 2015
Price: $50.00

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