Nosa, a young man from an indigent background, has aspirations to succeed in life. For him, leaving Nigeria is one of the ways to achieve that success. Still, he is resolutely against travelling by land to Europe, a common route for many and Leo’s proposal for overcoming their respective challenges. Leo is Nosa’s best friend and Nosa tries to convince him against embarking on such a perilous journey. However, events conspire to force him into joining Leo and others on the journey. Thus begins an adventure through one of the hottest and grittiest places on the planet. Of course, for these migrants, surmounting the Sahara is only the beginning. ACROSS THE SAHARA is a story of human survival. It is about African youth and some of the reasons why they embark on this most treacherous of journeys. In a bid to get to Europe, these migrants must take on one of nature’s most inhospitable terrains, the Sahara Desert.
ISBN: 9781803023212
Type: Paperback
Pages: 214
Published: 13 January 2022
Price: $12.17

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