Mimi and James are finally married despite opposition from her father. In fact, it had been necessary to trick Chief Eze into giving away his daughter’s hand in marriage. Now, he is so bitter he has turned his back on his only daughter and her husband. Regardless of the many challenges that come with wedlock, James and Mimi are happy. That is until Chinedu, Mimi’s eldest brother, returns back to the country. On his return, comes tragedy and turmoil. James is pushed to the limit, questioning things he thought he knew and finding it hard to move on because of things he feels certain he knows. He has no option but to make difficult decisions for his and Mimi’s future. ON HIS RETURN is the sequel to FATHER FOR HIRE, JO Emoyon’s second novel, and is just as beautifully written and as beautiful a story.
ISBN: 9781788766869
Type: Paperback
Pages: 212
Published: 17 January 2019
Price: $11.39

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