Faith seems to have a lot going for her: she is educated, has a good job she enjoys, is financially independent, and above all, is incredibly beautiful. She receives the attention of men, while women generally resent her. Yet, in a society where it seems a woman isn’t complete until she is married, all Faith has going for her appears to count for little. Faith seeks true love and is desperate to find the right man to share her life with, but things are complicated. At thirty-four, Faith isn’t getting any younger and her mum does not fail to remind her of that fact regularly. Mrs Ojo is of the opinion that Faith is not serious because with her looks, she can stroll outside their home and come back with a husband if she wishes. Faith finds solace in her friend, Lola, to whom she unburdens her heart. It is this relationship with Lola that indirectly leads to her making the acquaintance of Jesse, who works at the same bank as Faith. Still, as desperate as Faith is to find a man to settle down with, she does not believe that Jesse, an ordinary gatekeeper, is that man. Is Jesse good enough for Faith or is he just another face? MORE THAN A FACE highlights some of the challenges that today’s singles have to deal with. At breathtaking pace, the story unravels with humour as well as serious life issues.
ISBN: 9781788766272
Type: Paperback
Pages: 212
Published: 21 April 2017
Price: $11.53

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