Audrey is a young African-American in search of true love. Several attempts at conventional dating were a failure. The fact that she is plus-size does not seem to help so she decides to give online dating a try. Her first experiences are not promising until she meets and connects with Byron. Byron, real name Osejie, is a Nigerian. Though he is educated, he does not find much fulfillment: financial or otherwise, in his profession. He decides to go into internet fraud. At first, it seems he is inadequate at fraud too until he meets Audrey. Osejie succeeds in defrauding her but to his astonishment; Audrey travels all the way to Nigeria with the aim of redressing the injustice and putting a face to her scammer. Thus begins an undertaking with unforeseen outcomes. SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE is a layered story. Along with internet fraud, it covers a range of themes, sometimes humorously. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read.
ISBN: 9781788769563
Type: Paperback
Pages: 216
Published: 8 August 2019
Price: $11.77

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