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JO Emoyon obtained an LLB from the University of Benin and was called to the Nigerian Bar in May 2007. He is a poet and a lyricist. He also dabbles in editing among other things. His album, LIFTOFF, under his sobriquet O’tale, is available on major music distribution platforms. Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @joemoyon Website: Email:

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Nosa, a young man from an indigent background, has aspirations to succeed in life. For him, leaving Nigeria is one of the ways to achieve that success. Still, he is resolutely against travelling by land to Europe, a common route for many and Leo’s proposa....
ISBN: 9781803023212
Published: 13 January 2022
Nosa is from a very poor background but nurses hope of a better future. He sees leaving Nigeria as one of the ways to that future. Yet, he is resolutely against travelling by land to Europe, a common route for many and Leo’s proposal for surmounting their....
ISBN: 9781786972149
Published: 5 August 2016
Faith seems to have a lot going for her: she is educated, has a good job she enjoys, is financially independent, and above all, is incredibly beautiful. She receives the attention of men, while women generally resent her.Yet, in a society where it seems a....
ISBN: 9781788766272
Published: 21 April 2017
Mimi and James are finally married despite opposition from her father. In fact, it had been necessary to trick Chief Eze into giving away his daughter’s hand in marriage. Now, he is so bitter he has turned his back on his only daughter and her husband.Reg....
ISBN: 9781788766869
Published: 17 January 2019
Audrey is a young African-American in search of true love. Several attempts at conventional dating were a failure. The fact that she is plus-size does not seem to help so she decides to give online dating a try. Her first experiences are not promising unt....
ISBN: 9781788769563
Published: 8 August 2019