Who needs a Year in Provence when you can spend a month relaxing between the green mountains of Southern France and the sparkling blue waters of the Med? What can be better than golden sands, a warm summer breeze and pine scented air to banish the cares, the strains and the drudgery of the daily grind? So believing, we acquired a tent, piled into the Land Rover and made our way south for our first ever family holiday in foreign parts, in search of adventure and fun. Relaxing? Certainly,in between the moments of panic and confusion. Adventure? Well, the tent, That Tent! certainly spoke of adventure to come and the Land Rover - the Go Anywhere vehicle? Well, that too ended up in places we had not anticipated. Would we do it again? Not quite, or so we thought. But things never quite turn out the way you expect do they?
ISBN: 9781839459573
Type: Paperback
Pages: 112
Published: 13 July 2021
Price: $9.19

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