The Reformation Pump

England is no longer at war but nor is she at peace. People are moving from the countryside into the towns, in search of work, better wages and a new life. Religious dissent is all around and the loss of the American colonies and the Revolution in France fuel the fires of home discontent and encourage the calls for Reform. Pamphleteers push their agendas and books are published claiming the right of self determination. Laws are passed against dissenters and anti-government expression. Journalists and writers are arrested, as in assembly rooms, ale houses and on the streets, debates and arguments rage. And neighbour says unto neighbour ‘If you are not with us then you are against us and whomsoever speaks for the other side is a traitor and must suffer the consequences of their deceit.’ In Nottingham the battle lines are drawn and when rioting breaks out, Michael Simpson, junior apprentice in Bolton’s frameshop joins in, little knowing that his actions will soon force him to declare his allegiance. True Blues or Yellow Lambs? Religious Freedom or the Established Church? The King or the People? The choice is simple enough. ‘Are you with us or against us?’ England is no longer at war but nor is she at peace. She has found a new enemy, the enemy within.
ISBN: 9781839456008
Type: Paperback
Pages: 356
Published: 1 December 2020
Price: $12.95

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