Damned Charity

England. The East Midlands, Autumn 1766. The Industrial Revolution has began and the country folk are moving to the towns in search of work and better wages, but following several poor harvests, traders are stockpiling basic foodstuffs and farmers send their wares further afield to achieve a greater profit. As a result prices soar and in Nottingham, at the annual Goose Fair, rioting breaks out. The Riot Act is read, the Military called to arms and citizens are arrested as the town’s Magistrates attempt to diffuse the situation. Daniel Thorpe, a Stockinger from Shardlow, travels to the fair with his companions Jake and Charity in order to to sell his fine hose. Sensing trouble, Charity is worried and Jake offers to take her home leaving Daniel to arrange for a shipment of cloth. However, on his way to the meeting, Daniel is involved in the disturbances and becomes trapped in the town. Later, on returning home, he discovers that Charity has gone missing, her family believing that Jake has abducted her. Daniel joins in with the search for them, only to be swept up once more in the riots that are now spreading throughout the district and his actions now make him a target for the Authorities. With his liberty and perhaps his life in jeopardy the race is on to find Jake and Charity but Daniel needs time and for him, time is rapidly running out. .
ISBN: 9781788769273
Type: Paperback
Pages: 298
Published: 4 July 2019
Price: $12.95

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