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At various times in my career I authored and produced training material and documentation on a number of technical subjects, including Land Surveying, Property Law, Cartography, Computer Programming and Military Signals. Outside of work I also wrote and illustrated magazine articles on the repair and maintenance of the S1 Land Rover and for several years wrote a blog on the restoration of an old farmhouse below the Picos de Europa and within the shadows of Spanish bureaucracy. Somewhere along the way I have also found time to write a number of fictional novels and short stories. Published so far are three novels of historical fiction, each one set against the background of rioting during the early part of the industrial revolution:- Damned Charity The Reformation Pump Framesmith In contrast, to these is The Bench. A collection of eight short stories, all sharing a fantasy theme . Also published, in 2021, Bust, an account of our first family camping trip to France in 1979 when whatever could go wrong did. In fact it was such a fiasco we even made another trip a year later, only to discover that history does repeat itself.

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Who needs a Year in Provence when you can spend a month relaxing between the green mountains of Southern France and the sparkling blue waters of the Med?What can be better than golden sands, a warm summer breeze and pine scented air to banish the cares, t....
ISBN: 9781839459573
Published: 13 July 2021
England. The East Midlands, Autumn 1766. The Industrial Revolution has began and folk are leaving the land and moving to the towns only to find that many goods are in short supply. At the Nottingham Goose Fair traders are buying up and stockpiling basic f....
ISBN: 9781788769273
Published: 4 July 2019
England - October 1831. The industrial revolution is in full swing but so too is a peoples revolution. The Whig government is backing electoral reform, a move seen by the Tories as a danger to the established order and with the House of Lords rejecting th....
ISBN: 9781788765435
Published: 10 October 2018
Eight short stories about imaginary people in unimaginable situations.Or perhaps they could be stories about real people in unreal situations, or maybe even stories about existing people in actual situations.Whichever it is, whilst they are not aimed at k....
ISBN: 9781839459696
Published: 24 May 2021
England is no longer at war but nor is she at peace.People are moving from the countryside into the towns, in search of work, better wages and a new life. Religious dissent is all around and the loss of the American colonies and the Revolution in France f....
ISBN: 9781839456008
Published: 1 December 2020
Glamping is Camping with a luxury content. Glamping never existed when we went Camping so luxury was not on our bucket list. Even so we did set off for northern France full of expectations for a holiday adventure and a full Land Rover with all the necessa....
ISBN: 9781803025179
Published: 27 May 2022