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Phil wrote his first story in 1957 whilst still in Junior school. It was about a far flung British colony under attack from a foreign super power intent on pillaging the island's mineral reserves. The teacher threw it in the bin, describing it as implausible jingoistic war mongering doggerel. After that he stuck to the facts, writing articles for in-house magazines, training manuals and lecture notes on land surveying, cartography and military signals procedures plus articles on the repair and maintenance of the Series One Land Rover. As an avid traveler he also kept diaries of his journeys and adventures and, more recently, has been posting a blog detailing the ups and downs of trying to restore a 200 year old dilapidated farm house in the mountains of northern Spain. With so much time to spare (now being retired) he has also written some fiction. To date, one book of short stories, one book of interlinked stories on the theme of past life regression and two historical novels interweaving the storyline around rioting that took place in and around Nottingham, England. The first to be published was Framesmith – set in 1831 at the time of the Reform Riots. The second is Damned Charity – set in 1766 during the Great Cheese Riot. Research is now under way for a third novel set again in Nottingham during the unrest and civil conflict arising from calls for reform following the French revolution.

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England. The East Midlands, Autumn 1766. The Industrial Revolution has began and the country folk are moving to the towns in search of work and better wages, but following several poor harvests, traders are stockpiling basic foodstuffs and farmers send th....
ISBN: 9781788769273
Published: 4 July 2019
England – Nottingham Goose Fair. The Industrial Revolution is in full swing and so too is a peoples revolution but the Whig government's plans for electoral reform are seen by the Tory establishment as a threat to the established order and the Bill is thr....
ISBN: 9781788765435
Published: 10 October 2018