For Distant Lands is born out of the author’s extensive travels in both Africa and South America over many years. He also spent several years living in Khartoum, Sudan as a child and has always retained an affinity with Africa and its varied peoples. He continues to support development projects across Africa. The poems reflect both his personal real-life experiences especially when travelling through Africa and his subsequent involvement with Third World Christian and secular development agencies supporting relief and crisis work there. His poems written about South America combine similar elements found in his African poems but also something of the known and speculative history and pre-history of South America which is still one of the world’s great unknown secrets. All of the poems can take the reader from one moment into the direst of poverty and deprivation and then into the many beauties to be found in these two continents while entering into the conjectures as to their history and development especially in the case of South America.
ISBN: 9781803022659
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: 28 November 2021
Price: $9.44

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