Some books evolve overnight through sudden inspiration while others may need months or even years to work at as in the case of some of the great long novels of Tolstoy, Hugo and Dickens. My cameo stories don’t fit neatly into either category as in a sense they have evolved out of brief life experiences over many years which were stored up in my brain and faithfully reproduced in these thirty cameos which you can now read. They are real life pictures of real life happenings in my life and no further apology can be made for them although sad regrets still persist in some cases. It is then an autobiographical life story but with a specific slant - that from a dyspraxic who has more than a touch of eccentricity about him. Most of these stories are quite funny although the joke is against me a lot of the time but there are serious cameos which highlight how my poor behaviour and lack of sensitive communication skills caused real, lasting upset or offence to other people who I was once close to. A dyspraxic’s life can be a solitary one because so much of the time something will happen which will blow apart normal friendly relations and it is difficult sometimes to cross that bridge of communication to explain what is really going on behind the curtains. Anyway in these thirty chapters the curtains are drawn back and exposure is there for the reader to witness. They can best decide what is what, how much could have been avoided and what was just unfortunate.
ISBN: 9781803022840
Type: Paperback
Pages: 134
Published: 24 November 2021
Price: $9.44

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