We adults and children think we have got the world of teddy bears pretty well sussed. And why not? I mean they appear to spend the whole day and night just sitting propped up on chairs or leaning against pillows. But that as you shall discover is only half the story. Out there beyond the world of duvets, pillows and soft chairs is another world that you are about to enter with Horace Bear and his band of Merrie (though quite often not so merrie, in fact frequently whingeing) Teddy Bears. The Many Sagas and Sayings of Horace Bear and his Merrie Bears is the direct inspiration from the author’s own collection of 15 very different teddy bears both in their appearance and style. Most of them have correspondingly quite distinctive contributions to make to this collection of 15 short stories. The stories can also be read as a development in the character and maturity of the principal teddy bear, Horace, who experiences a whole series of adventures and misadventures to reach a new understanding about himself and the world around him. Hopefully, he has emerged a wiser, more thoughtful bear. Initially this book was conceived as a work for children aged between about 7 and 12 but it mentions issues and characters derived loosely from present day figures and events. Some of the situations described, and what is learnt from them primarily by Horace, have a wider application for adults also. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the readers will above all be entertained by the humour arising from the various scrapes that Horace and friends find themselves in and that it will brighten up their reading experience. In reality the author is little different from Horace as he still has a lot to learn!
ISBN: 9781839459382
Type: Paperback
Pages: 172
Published: 13 May 2021
Price: $11.15

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