The Tales of Finn, the Wanderer, owe their creation as much to reality and truth as fiction although artistic licence and embroidery were employed in several of the chapters as for example in Chapter IV, ‘Food Trekking’ and Chapter VII, “Sports Day” where Finn’s encounters in the village of M and his heroic achievements on the sports field did exceed the level of accurate truth known about him and his adventures but he was a genuine adventurer. However, Finn’s wanderings around the local school and his occupancy of certain official and public chairs were verified by school staff and he was indeed seen boarding a local bus on at least one occasion much to the great astonishment and amusement of people who knew about him. By the end of his life he had achieved a near folk hero status and respect not attributed to any other cats in the area. After his untimely death the author wanted to gather together the various tales about this unusual cat and draw them up together into a story book so that he could be fondly remembered. This he did a few months after Finn’s death and he sent on a copy to the cat’s owners who were surprised by the extent of Finn’s activities. These stories were then developed a little more and the result is what you will read in the following chapters. It tries to give an unusual insight into the private world of an unconventional, but cherished cat.
ISBN: 9781839459399
Type: Paperback
Pages: 82
Published: 13 May 2021
Price: $9.62

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