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The world is seen through the eyes of Sarah, a middle aged woman. She has tremendous psychological problems resulting in deep clinical depression, caused by many traumatic events in her life. These events have left her with real and life threatening fears....
ISBN: 9781782995609
Published: 13 June 2013
Lizzie has had to suffer many challenges already in her life. Having reached middle age, she is having to cope with nursing her mother, Joyce, who has Alzheimer's Disease. Joyce makes comments that Eric, her husband, is not Lizzie's natural father. Not su....
ISBN: 9781785101519
Published: 8 October 2014
We are introduced to the story by seeing Sally and Jenny on their way to Malta. It becomes obvious that there’s more behind this trip than pleasure. Sally tells Jenny that she’ll not be going home with her. Jenny thinks she’s taken leave of her senses. In....
ISBN: 9781784073695
Published: 29 January 2014
A girl’s walking home from school on the opposite side of the road from other girls. She’s kicking conkers. A man in a van pulls up besides Patsy, the girl, having noticed her interest in conkers. He offers her a lift home but she’s reluctant as she remem....
ISBN: 9781786107725
Published: 22 February 2016
The book starts with somebody obviously in distress. It is Meg getting some disturbing news.We then go back to when Meg is eleven years old and the story of her life develops from there. This involves her mother dying, and Meg and her sisters ending up wi....
ISBN: 9781788760973
Published: 9 November 2017