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In her fight to preserve and even restore her country house home, Lucile Rochford-Knight engages a diverse group of characters as allies, and it is the small stories of these people within the larger story of Lucile's battle that provide the essence of th....
ISBN: 9781785102264
Published: 31 October 2014
The opening scenes reveal the Robuck nfamily as essentially dysfunctional with Rebecca on sick leave due to depression. The teenagers are unhappy and unhelpful and the youngest child, while in no way mistreated, is emotionally neglected. Simon has retreat....
ISBN: 9781839453519
Published: 22 July 2020
Little BeechdownThis is a novel about a village and a village is its people and their goings on. Little Beechdown has its pub, the Cheesemans Arms, its church with new vicar Scott Mayfield, its village shop run by the local gossip Mrs. Batchelor, a villag....
ISBN: 9781839453915
Published: 18 September 2020
The Blackstock house is a large Victorian building in which Ma Blackstock, a widow runs a sort of boarding house charging fairly cheap rates and running it with a stron element of community almost family involved in the way it works. The disperate residen....
ISBN: 9781786100443
Published: 11 August 2015
When Ronald Jenkinson, a widower, and a retired senior university lecturer tires of his own company and decides to start up a book club, little does he know what a disparate group of people will respond to his summons. They form the basis of the novel as ....
ISBN: 9781788767033
Published: 25 January 2019
Relationships between two adults and between parents and their children are common. This story is about a different sort of relationship in which a young librarian and a totally dysfunctional eleven year old boy form a growing bond strengthening through t....
ISBN: 9781785106125
Published: 17 March 2015
This is the story of a twelve year old boy warped by casual abuse from his uncaring mother, bullied at school and seemingly without hope for the future although he does have his dreams of a better life. Much of the story describes the boy's early trials a....
ISBN: 9781785100697
Published: 17 September 2014
Ruby Warrinton-Smythe, a rich twice widowed woman, is rather bored with life despite her fine living. Her niece Emma, a university student, gets into a sexual entanglement with her University Professor which her ex-boyfriend resents to the extent of takin....
ISBN: 9781788769501
Published: 26 July 2019
Can one man love two women at the same time? Can a man with few responsibilities, except to himself, suddenly become in loco parentis to two young girl’s whose real parents are killed in a car crash? This and other soul searching questions are asked in th....
ISBN: 9781786100542
Published: 20 August 2015