Cowboys and Legends

Here are the Cowboys, the ropers and riders; the rodeo men and the cattle drivers. Those who drove stagecoaches, wagons and such; those who had naught and those who had much. Those who built cities, towns and big ranches. Gunslingers, bush-whackers, robbers and gangsters. Big men small men, some of them wimps. Men who had stables and those who were pimps. Men who worked on a ranch with their family; then came the others, preferring depravity. Card-sharps, gamblers, liars and cheats; played the saloons and parlours and streets. Marshals and Sheriffs, Deputies too, keeping the peace as they knew how to. The robber, the bandit, the vagrant, the thief; longing to win to become a big chief. Cowhands and farmhand, those who grew corn; those who bred horses down on the farm; shopkeepers, barbers, ironmongers too; all had their place in a town all so new. Men who chased buffalo, Indians too; shot up the towns causing a hullabaloo. Then came the soldiers to maintain calm and peace, albeit a delicate one, so to speak. But calm did prevail of that we all know, as outlaws rarely have something to show. All their dastardly dreams and fly-by-night schemes, never come out as such, or so it seems. Now they have gone those historical folks; those who were quite and those who were jokes. Those who did good for most of their days, and others who spread hate in so many ways.
ISBN: 9781788768009
Type: Paperback
Pages: 324
Published: 9 April 2019
Price: $12.95

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