the fight for the west

From the arrival of Columbus on American shores in 1492, Native Americans were oppressed by adventurers and immigrants seeking minerals (gold) or land tracts. During the 1800's their land was invaded and they were forced onto reservations, and those Indians who did not settle to these small, usually barren areas, were termed as 'hostile' and were massacred by Union Armies. Even the 'Indian Territory' that was allocated to the tribes, was overrun and settled by the interlopers. These pages not only tell a very small part of the trauma, distress and heartache undergone by Native Americans, immigrants and the army during this period, but also, some of the atrocities committed by both sides during this period in American history.
ISBN: 9781781766651
Type: Paperback
Pages: 669
Published: 17 August 2012
Price: $15.95

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