Lives in flight

Rosie's running from the pain of loss, Atzi from isolation; Harry from a fierce oppression, Juma from insignificance, and Max from chaos. Or are they all simply fleeing some universal void, searching if not for immortality, some small meaning to the present? Rosie escapes the abyss, going into madness; Atzi can find solace only in la petite mort of her own body; Harry tries building a mountain and Juma would conjure up miracles, while Max simply gives herself up to the earth. Lives in flight is assembled from fragments drawn from the landscapes of their lives as they cross and re-cross and fly like arrows into the blue. It's not that they would escape the end of life, but where's the rapture in this life? Is it really only to be found in the place where the enemy lies deepest? An assemblage of the memoirs of five lives - fragments forming patterns that explore the instinctual yearnings and fears of all our lives.
ISBN: 9781786101259
Type: Paperback
Pages: 330
Published: 11 September 2015
Price: $12.95

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