Motel Rooms are like Movie Sets

In the music business identities can be created and junked as easily as erasing a digital image. A new identity can conceal pain, hunger, absence, and it’s hard to hold onto any real authenticity. Motel Rooms are like Movie Sets examines the absurdity of daily flipping identities, exploring how hard it is to shed all the false identities, touch base with the self, but then have that suddenly threatened too. The screenplay tracks a sensationally troubled singer fighting unknown odds to make a come-back. Following a road accident Sonja Sheehan seeks to reclaim her star status and discover who caused the accident forcing her out of the limelight for a year and leaving her beloved partner with a changed personality. Her partner Jack Klee is in fact suffering from a condition produced by the shock of the accident named the Capgrass Syndrome – where the sufferer believes someone close to them has been replaced by an identical imposter – a delusion that is often fixed. Believing Sonja was in fact killed in the same car-smash Jack vows no look-a-like is ever going to make a come-back in the name of his beloved . . .
ISBN: 9781785104954
Type: Paperback
Pages: 157
Published: 27 January 2015
Price: $11.95

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