The Woman Who Won The Lottery

Living in the dusty Palms Trailer Park, in Louisiana, where only the dope dealers stand sentry, Effie Thacker’s got to wonder why she’s sharing a rusty trailer with rats and cockroaches and refusing to touch the secret $7 million she won years before? And why then one day does Effie suddenly decide to take her winnings and set off on a grand spree? Yet try spending millions when all you’ve ever known is scarcity and the discounts and the deals. And even after Effie’s breakthrough with a couple of Cadillac’s and the affair with the suicidal billionaire, why does she get suddenly so bored? Even a trip to one of India’s designated scarcity regions to assist a malnourished child dying of TB fails to lay the ghosts Effie’s carrying. And it’s the dying kid who finally brings her face to face with all she sought to escape fleeing the trailer park: Back she goes to Louisiana to face the music; and to discover maybe there’s a wealth within her beyond her winnings.
ISBN: 9781781766354
Type: Paperback
Pages: 379
Published: 7 August 2012
Price: $12.95

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