Love, Fags & Hate

The approaching death of old Win' Coles, cared for by her psychopathic son Mark, calls for a reuniting of the family: there's maniac Jane from missionary work in Africa; Frank from the floor of a South London bar; Paul from a Hampstead analyst's couch; and Ben from a blue cloud in Glastonbury. The hold the ancient crone Win Coles has on each is exercised once again as a Writ for the possession of the home in which she wants to die is served. Which of her brood will take the bait to find the necessary five grand in just 48 hours and so save the day? And if she survives that long who might benefit from the Will - this last instrument of power she wields. But is there a Will? And most importantly, in the event of death, in the sudden absence of that iron hold she has on the family, what's likely to happen to the established patterns of love and hate between those remaining?
ISBN: 9781785104855
Type: Paperback
Pages: 141
Published: 21 January 2015
Price: $10.25

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