Sparks across the Stubble

The Urchin’s Progress is an everyman epic chronicling the changing fortunes of Miles Rouse over 50 years as he travels from fatherless urchin to fulfilled father. In three volumes, it traces a life haunted by both the father’s absence and the urchin abandoned by that same father. Sparks across the Stubble (Volume 3) (July 1993 – September 2004) continues the story as Miles, now age 50, fathers his two boys alone; living as his own all their successes and failures and with the sense that as he nourishes them so he nourishes the urchin he once was. The wasteland may not yet have become a blooming desert but as his children grow so the haunting recedes and he picks up again on the opus, Torture Road. Sudden news of the death of an unknown relative impels him to track down a distant cousin through whom the truth of his father’s disappearance is finally revealed. And as his own children set forth into the world so Miles, integrated as one with the urchin now, acknowledges the haunting is perhaps over. A story reflecting the inherent healing power children can offer enabling old hauntings to recede and old graves to be visited.
ISBN: 9781785107894
Type: Paperback
Pages: 244
Published: 11 May 2015
Price: $12.65

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