A tale of the unexpected, or is it.

The scene was set, would it be tonight the masked marauder called. Susan had been to a lot of trouble to entice him into the house and then of course to her bedroom. Every night for a week she had lain ready for him, her body aching to be finally assaulted. Surely the warnings her mother had drilled into her all those years were not true. The pictures of couples together in the magazines she found, (her dad had hidden away),in all sorts of positions did not look unhappy in fact most of the faces she saw were smiling as though they were enjoying themselves. Surely having sex was not wrong, no matter how you obtained it. Anyway it was too late now. She had spent years making her plans. And this past week she had started in earnest to...... Susan let a smile cross her face just thinking about it sent shivers of pleasure down her spine. Yes it would be tonight, he would have her, she would make sure of that.
ISBN: 9781785104312
Type: Paperback
Pages: 57
Published: 23 December 2014
Price: $6.49

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