Poems. Some happy, some sad, some to make you glad. Book6

The sixth book in the series Poems. Some happy , some sad, some to make you glad. A collection of various poems, some light hearted, others looking at news items of the day. Of course the authors poetic view, might not be politically correct. But then what is these days.The fact one opens a mouth , let alone writes and words actually appear in print, must make some of us us all wonder what subject is now forbidden. For fear not only of upsetting someone, but indeed breaking some law. Being sued or fined in this day and age seem a good method of increasing one's income. Sadly I have nothing to benefit anyone, yet. So honest it's just not worth the expense of taking me to court. Although the resultant (free) publicity might swell the old book sales. (lol) That's a Facebook expression for laugh out loud, I do believe. Not, last offensive literature. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy this sixth book. I have been told this is as good as the other five. Enjoy. Oops we are repeating ourselves again Dragon.Best go to sleep Zzz Zzz.(The mad Author)
ISBN: 9781786107992
Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Published: 15 March 2016
Price: $10.25

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