Poems. Some happy, some sad, some to make you glad Book 7.

Hello everyone, this is Book 7 in the series Poems. Some happy, some sad, some to make you glad. Covering a variety of subjects in the news both seen on the television and on the BBC News Facebook page. It would seem a poem can flow on just about any subject you care to mention. Poetry is of course for entertainment and that is what I am striving for, as I progress along this slippery path of poetic prose. There are many names given to the different styles poems that are written. I am sorry I am not familiar with them all YET. lol. Of course I may never be as the twilight years wiz past, so fast. I hope you are entertained and a smile occasionally can cross your face. After all the world is such a sad place at the moment. I hope it does not last much longer. Onwards and upwards. As long as I do not rise too high yet. After all enough stars greater than I are entertaining the hosts up their in Paradise, are they not? Happy reading one and all Stanley (The mad Author)
ISBN: 9781786109606
Type: Paperback
Pages: 106
Published: 5 May 2016
Price: $10.25

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